Why telehealth consultations with online psychologists are efficient?

What is Telehealth Therapy?

Telehealth therapy allows clients to attend counselling from the comfort of their homes. Online counselling sessions are conducted through video rather than in person allowing the mental health specialist to see and analyse the environment the client lives in. It also benefits the client as they are not geographically bound to the psychologists in their area. 

Online telehealth services have been used widely in the mental health sector across Australia. An increasing trend in using virtual counselling has been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. Keeping the safety of psychologists as well as clients in mind, more people have started to favour seeing an online psychologist.

Advantages of Online therapy

Using a online psychologist service in place of in-person consultations has a varied number of benefits. Here are some advantages of choosing a virtual therapist: 

1. Low cost

An advantage that is not very widely known to people is that telehealth counselling is more pocket-friendly compared to in-person services in terms of money as well as time. Since remote therapy is conducted on any preferred device, the client wouldn’t need to prepare travel time in advance or spend time waiting in the rooms waiting for their name to be called out.  This is very convenient for people receiving long-term treatment.  Online psychologist consultations are often less expensive than face-to-face consultations since they do not require the assistance of a venue. 

2. Easy to establish a healthy relationship between clients and psychologists. 

A positive and trusting relationship between the client and online psychologist helps to present and solve problems better. The patient feels more comfortable sharing matters of their life with a mental health professional they feel comfortable with. Attending virtual therapy from home creates a comfortable environment for the client to be able to share their honest thoughts and opinions and helps the telehealth psychologist to better understand the kind of environment their client is living in. 

3. High flexibility

Traditional psychological therapy requires an appointment and can only be performed when the therapist is available in person; you might find yourself waiting for weeks until your appointment. However, telehealth psychologist consultations provide high flexibility to both visitors and online therapists since they don’t need to present in person. The timetable and process of the consultation can be mutually agreed at a time convenient for both parties. 

Inner Psych has a team of experienced online psychologists to help and make you feel comfortable dealing with problems for a more fulfilling life. You can contact us through our website or through our social media platforms to book an appointment with one of our telehealth psychologists.

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