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The way we think about and place value on our self can be understood as Self Esteem. Simply put, self esteem can be understood as the opinion a person has about themself. If you find that you are regularly having negative thoughts about yourself or often criticise, judge or even just think badly about yourself you may be suffering from low- self esteem. It is important to note that many people lack confidence occasionally however people with low self esteem tend to be unsatisfied or unhappy with themselves most of the time. It takes effort, consistent practise, dedication and attention to one’s triggers and personality to boost a low self esteem.

Often people confuse self esteem with self confidence. Self confidence is different to self esteem as it relates to the ability a person has in a specific area in their life. An individual can have immense amounts of confidence in regards to particular abilities yet still suffer from low self esteem. Achieving confidence in a specific area of your life will not necessarily result in a higher self esteem.

Signs and Symptoms of Having Low Self Esteem

Consequences on a Person’s Life

There are many consequences that one may face due to low self esteem such as difficulty in relationships and problems at work or school. Having low self esteem can reduce the quality of life of an individual significantly. Examples of this could include but are not limited to:

Causes of Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem can develop from a very young age. If you had difficulty meeting the expectations of your parents, didn’t fit in at school or your needs were abused/neglected you may be at greater risk of developing a low opinion of yourself.

Some factors that can increase your risk of having low self esteem may include:

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Diagnosis of Low Self Esteem

It is not very common to be diagnosed with low self esteem but if you feel like you are worried about the impact low self esteem is having on the quality of your life, you can seek help from a GP or talk to a mental health professional here at Inner Psych Canberra. They can assess the impact that low self esteem is having on your life as well as provide guidance and treatment so that you can learn to love and value yourself.

Treatment of Low Self-Esteem

There are lots of activities that you can do yourself or with the support of friends and loved ones to bolster your self esteem. Some suggestions include:

If your low self esteem continues and you feel like you would like some support, reach out to one of our mental health clinicians here at Inner Psych. are able to provide a comprehensive online assessment of your condition and personalise an ongoing treatment to help you take back control of your life.

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