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Depression is a continuous feeling of sadness or loss of interest – experienced over at least two weeks – that can affect your ability to engage in everyday activities. Depression impacts different people in different ways. Some will only experience mild symptoms, while it may affect others severely. Individuals can also suffer from different types of depression. Read on to discover the causes, kinds, symptoms, and how our telehealth services for depression can help you.

Types of depression

Symptoms of depression

You may experience different symptoms depending on the type of depression. If you are feeling a combination of the below and they are affecting your ability to complete daily activities, you may have a form of depression. Symptoms include:

There is no need to continue feeling like this. Please reach out to our professional online therapist for depression so we can help you manage these concerns.

Causes of depression

Many different factors can influence the development of depression. Though everyone’s situation is unique, understanding the elements that may have led to your situation can help us collaborate with you to create a more effective treatment plan. Some aspects that may increase the likelihood of depression are:

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Diagnosis of depression

Only a GP or mental health professional can make a diagnosis. A medical doctor will conduct physical and mental examinations to identify and analyse your symptoms. The mental health assessment may consist of a discussion or questionnaire to ascertain:

Treatment of depression

Depending on the severity and type of depression you experience, your doctor or our online therapist for telehealth depression will work with you to find the right treatment combination. We generally recommend multiple simultaneous treatments.

At Inner Psych, we have a team of telehealth depression psychologists and other mental health professionals capable of supporting you in your journey from diagnosis to recovery. We provide online counselling throughout Australia and can assist you no matter where you live. Reach out today if you think you may be suffering from depression.

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