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In the modern-day stress has become a part of the routine. We as humans are so used to managing stress at work, at home, and socially that we fail to realize the impact it has on our bodies.  When our body is faced with any kind of situation/threat it automatically shifts to fight or flight mode which is known as the stress response. 

Stress, when dealt with properly can help a person stay focused, increasing the quality and efficiency of work but if not it can lead to feeling overwhelmed frequently, anxiety, sleep difficulties, weight problems, and so on. These are the reasons that stress management strategies are so important to implement. 

Symptoms of Stress

Physical Symptoms

Behavioural Symptoms

Causes of Stress

There are multiple things that cause stress, the factors may be self-generated or external. Stress the majority of the time is caused by perception, the way one responds to a situation.

External Causes of Stress

Internal Causes of Stress

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Stress is so normalised in our society that it is usually difficult to tell the difference between normal and excessive stress. Going to therapy can help better navigate these feelings in the right manner.


Our team of psychologists can help you deal with stress by giving you various stress management strategies. Dealing with stress and anxiety is a rocky road, and we understand that, which is why we offer different treatments based on an individual’s demographics. For example, teens go through a lot of stress with all the significant decisions they have to make and adulting can be overwhelming for anyone, for such instance, we provide them with stress management for teens program. Our psychologists provide virtual counselling in all of Australia and can help you with the different ways to cope with stress enhancing your lifestyle.

Here at Inner Psych, we are dedicated to improving the lifestyle of our patients and reducing their stress. Our team of psychologists and other mental health professionals are able to support you in your whole journey from diagnosis, to therapy to recovery. Reach out today if you feel like you need help with stress management.

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