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As the name suggests, a change or an event in a person’s life causing stress and difficulty in coping leading to a behavioral or an emotional reaction is adjustment disorder. A significant change causes stress in any individual’s life but if you notice that even after a couple of months it is difficult for you to get over that problem, if it is difficult for your brain to adjust to the new normal then there is a high possibility that you have an adjustment disorder. Coping with stressful situations can lead to severe psychological and physical symptoms.

Types of Adjustment Disorders

Adjustment Disorder Symptoms

Causes of Adjustment Disorders

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To the mundane eye, the adjustment disorder symptoms might feel overwhelming and confusing which is why we have an experienced set of psychologists here to help you out. With a series of tests and consultations, they will be able to distinguish and tell you what kind of disorder you are facing. Battling disorders may be difficult but with the right help that you need, you can radically see a positive change in your lifestyle.

Adjustment Disorder Treatment

Since adjustment disorder symptoms are triggered by a big change in one’s life, patients usually require a brief treatment however if there are ongoing stressors present then a longer treatment may be recommended.

At Inner Psych, we have a team of psychologists and other mental health professionals prepared and ready to help you with your recovery. We provide online counselling to all parts of Australia right from the comfort of your home. Reach out today if you think you may be suffering from any form of adjustment disorder.

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