What can low self-esteem look like?

As a young female attending university, I recently found myself eating less, fidgeting, and not sleeping enough. It wasn’t until my academic performance declined that I decided to seek help from an online psychologist. I reached out to Inner Psych, who helped me find the a telehealth psychologist who would be perfect for me. She asked me about my loss of concentration in class and tendency to get distracted when reading. At first, I thought that distraction was the root of my problem, but my online psychologist dug deeper and asked me reasons why I felt distracted. I revealed that I was overly aware of my surroundings, anxious if someone was watching or talking about me when I was in class. This caused me to lose focus and become distracted.

My telehealth psychologist then helped me understand that my fear of outside attention was actually caused by an excessive desire for this very attention. This was a reflection of my internal insecurity and lack of confidence. The telehealth psychologist and I discussed my objective assessment of how I saw myself, and it helped me realize that subconsciously I didn’t think I was pretty enough to attract the attention of the opposite sex. This realization was difficult to face, but with the constant online therapy, I started to work on addressing the root cause of my symptoms.

Inner Psych is a telehealth psychology company that helped me understand that sometimes, when we are close to a problem, it can be difficult to identify exactly what is causing it. This is why seeking help from an online psychologist was really beneficial. By talking to someone I could trust with minimal fear of judgement, I was able to dig deeper into what I was experiencing and find the root cause of my symptoms. By focusing on this root cause, I was able to improve my concentration, eating, and sleeping habits, as well as my general happiness. My time spent focusing on my mental health has also had a positive impact on my physical health.

If you are experiencing changes to your behaviour, habits, or how you are feeling, spend some time to understand the underlying reason. Inner Psych’s online psychologists in Australia can help you to identify the underlying source of your symptoms and provide you with the support you need to move forward. With telehealth psychologists, you can access support from the comfort of your own home. Don’t let yourself move in a direction you don’t want to because you are not addressing a deeper problem. Seek help from an online psychologist today. Contact Inner Psych’s team of telehealth psychologists who are here to support you on your journey to better mental health.

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