Who is a telehealth psychologist and do I need one?

Who is a Telehealth psychologist and do I need one?

Do you find yourself typing “psychologists near me” into your search engine often and need help dealing with some personal problems? It can be difficult to deal with mental health issues while working or studying at university or school. Dedicating some time to yourself and your mental health is extremely important, and approaching a mental health service that provides a telehealth psychologist over an in-person psychologist can prove to be more comfortable and convenient in terms of travel. 

Telehealth psychologists have the same experience and qualifications as therapists conducting psychological services face-to-face. The only difference between a telehealth psychologist and an in-person psychologist is that “Telehealth” as the word signifies, stands for accessing health services remotely from the comfort of your home. 

How do I know I need a telehealth psychologist? 

Psychologists are typically known to help with anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, fears, PTSD, low self – esteem and so on; however, they can also help you with relationship problems, ageing, domestic violence and financial stress. No matter what you are going through at the moment or did in the past, a telehealth psychologist is someone you can talk to about all the trouble you might be facing without any course of judgement. 

Telehealth psychologists, like any other type of psychologist, are trained in human behaviour and help you get a better hold over your thought process and actions. They study and analyse your behaviour to better understand the further course of treatment that will help you develop habits and tactics to deal with low moods and the difficulties you face. Here are a few symptoms implying you need to contact a mental health service

  • You tend to feel all emotions intensely. 

Feeling intense emotions when you are sad, angry or happy is common, however depending on how intense these feelings are and how often you experience them you should decide on whether to see an experienced psychologist. You are the best judge to recognise which intense emotions are healthy and which intense emotions are taking a toll on your mental health

  • You have suffered through trauma and it is difficult for you to stop thinking about it.

In the case that you have suffered through trauma in your life and you see the thoughts and feelings from your trauma hindering your life, you should book a psychologist appointment. Dealing with trauma can be challenging but with the help of an experienced psychologistcounselling sessions can help you deal with the remnant feelings and the best way to move forward with your life in a manner beneficial to your mental health

  • You feel disconnected from activities you once enjoyed. 

Finding new hobbies and activities is a part of growing, however, if you find yourself avoiding or procrastinating activities you enjoyed not so long ago, it could signify a deeper problem. “If you’re disillusioned, feeling like there’s not a lot of purpose or a point or feeling a general sense of unhappiness, seeing a therapist could help you regain some clarity or start in a new direction,” says Reidenberg. 

  • You notice a strain in your relationships

Declining mental health can impact your relationships, be it with friends, a partner, or parents. Not being in a healthy mind of state makes it difficult to communicate and socialise with other people. If sharing problems and talking to family members or your partner feels hard, you might want to see a psychologist for couples therapy or family counselling. 

  • You’re using a substance to cope with your situation. 

Using substances can have a reverse effect on your body and wellbeing, creating problems in the future. Addiction is a common problem that people face when using alcohol or recreational drugs to numb their feelings. In such a case it is important to see an experienced psychologist to help one indulge in healthier alternatives to benefit your mind and body. 

How can I find a telehealth psychologist? 

Telehealth services have seen exponential growth in recent years, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Teletherapy services in Australia give you the opportunity to explore psychological services outside the borders of your locality. Telehealth therapy is widely preferred due to the convenience of the virtual therapy being conducted no matter what part of Australia you might reside in and due to the fact that it is more time-efficient with busy schedules. 

Inner Psych is a telehealth clinic with a team of experienced psychologists who can help you through your mental health journey. You can book your psychological counselling appointment with our telehealth psychologists through the link below or by contacting us through social media platforms.

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