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Why do students prefer telehealth therapy?

The rise of telehealth therapy

The rise of telehealth can be attributed to the growing demand for accessible and affordable mental health services across the country. With the technology in our back pockets, now more than ever, telehealth therapy is the chosen pathway for students to access mental health professionals. Not only are wait times reduced, but the ease in scheduling a call in between classes from the comfort of your own college room is unmatched.

Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians – that’s 4 million people – suffer from a mental illness in a given year? Despite these figures, the stigma surrounding mental health still remains as a barrier to some for accessing therapy in Australia

Inner Psych aims to reduce this stigma by breaking down the barriers to accessing psychological services by providing and promoting the opportunity for students, and the wider community, to switch to telehealth services, no matter your location in Australia.

Telehealth therapy provides the opportunity for students to find a telehealth psychologist in Australia that they can access remotely. Although the rise of the use of telehealth can be accredited to the necessity for remote therapy and online counselling during the pandemic, this trend is here to stay for a multitude of reasons.

The benefits of telehealth therapy

Students prefer telehealth therapy due to the accessibility, convenience, and speed of diagnosis available: 

. The accessibility

Telehealth provides students with improved access to healthcare when and where they need it. The ability to have remote therapy from the comfort of one’s own home or from the privacy of their dorm room at college is not comparable to the experience that in person treatment provides. The ability to access psychology services so easily reduces the barrier to entry for students.

. The convenience

The convenience of telehealth therapy allows for more services to be extended to more people. Students can at the click of a button schedule a remote therapy session with their chosen virtual psychologist without the traditional wait times of up to one month to see an in-person psychologist. 

Not only is it easier to schedule an appointment, but the ability to make an appointment the same or following week is unmatched. This is because telehealth services allow for psychologists to see more patients due to the reduction of travel and wait times for both the patient and the provider.

. The speed of diagnosis

Due to the wider accessibility and convenience of telehealth therapy, the speed of diagnosis is increased due to the decrease in time taken to see a mental health professional. This means that the immediate outcome and satisfaction of patients is improved. Students are able to receive treatment alongside diagnosis as telehealth enables faster care delivery for patients.

Students are more easily than ever able to seek remote therapy in Australia. There are mental health services available for those struggling who would benefit from the opportunity to discuss their concerns with experienced psychologists, all at the click of a button.

If this sounds like something you or someone you may know would benefit from, please click here to learn more about how Inner Psych can help you. Or click here to book with one of our trained, accredited professional psychologists.

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