How to deal with stress at work?

As the world gets increasingly competitive, many office employees encounter a lot of work pressure, regardless of their level within an organisation. Reasonable stress is normal; it can motivativate you to be more efficient. However, heavy and ongoing workplace stress may easily cause mental health problems. It would harm your health mentally and psychically. Hence, it is necessary to address stress at work properly. Here are some tips for effective workplace stress management.

  • Relax yourself at appropriate times. Stress at work can lead to one feeling a sense of isolation and helplessness. This is a sign for you to take a break. A lot of people listen to music while working to reduce stress levels as well, you can try some breathing exercises or simply listen to a podcast during your break for a breather mid-day. After you have had a good days work in, participating in sporting activities, taking a hot bath, talking to family and friends can help build a more positive outlook towards work the next day. These activities are suggested to refresh your mind and soul.  
  • Maintaining a tidy and clean work environment is one of the sources of vitality, which may decrease stress levels and benefit your physical and mental health. You can clean your workplace, including your office desk, devices, and organising all your files and paperwork. 
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance. You should set reasonable objectives for work and manage interpersonal interactions effectively. Many employees lack confidence in themselves. They think they can be promoted or credited only when they work extremely hard and overtime; however, clear boundaries should be set between work and life. Employees should be well rested and stop overdriving their brains about work past working hours. Good rest is as important as anything else. In case you have been feeling overwhelmed with your work load, you should reposition yourself in the workplace, examine your timings, best time of productivity, and reassess your value objectives. Talking to your superior about these assessed objectives that you have set for yourself can seem to be challenging however, doing so will create a great shift in your personal as well as professional life. 

As stated above, long-term workplace stress can lead to deteriorating mental and physical health. This can lead to multiple other conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and so on. If you find it difficult for yourself to handle workplace stress, using a mental health service can help you considerably. Do not hesitate to contact Inner Psych Canberra directly. Once you address your concerns via phone or online, we can arrange one of our experienced psychologists to help you deal with stress at work and other mental health problems.

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