How to Deal With Anxiety

When I was in university I developed an anxiety disorder that made me stress out prior to exams. I was so worked up that before exams I would be throwing up in the bathrooms or even fainting due to the overload of stress. Over time I thought that maybe I should give up on my university degree as I just couldn’t figure a way out. Until one day I told a friend about my circumstance. I thought she would judge but instead she was understanding and acted as a pillar of support. She told me, its not something we cannot solve together and encouraged me to talk to the university. As I was feeling quite vulnerable at the time, my friend decided to come with me to every meeting and even spoke to the college about the difficulties I was unable to voice. She encouraged me to get support not only from the university but nudged me to go to an online psychologist and share my experience. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t help, but slowly I saw a change in my grades, and my approach towards taking exams had changed. I was no longer as afraid as I used to be. In fact, I thought there might be others in a similar boat to me so we started arranging study groups. This helped everyone encourage each other to keep going when we felt like things were getting too much.

I know times can be tough especially during stressful periods, but remember, it will be okay. Here are some techniques that were used to help me during these times and I hope they help you out too….

  • Talk about it with a friend or someone you trust

I know it’s hard. You really don’t want to be in a vulnerable position where you have to talk about something you hate talking about. But it’s good to let it out. They care about you and want to help you out so let them. You are not weak when you ask for help.

  • Book an appointment with an online sychologist

Telehealth psychologists are professionals who are known for their expertise. Via online therapy, they will help you tackle the difficulties you are facing as well as give you techniques that might help reduce the anxiety you are feeling. Everything you tell them is confidential and you don’t have to worry about any information being leaked. 

  • Join a community or group

There are many online communities you can join that allow you to know that you are not alone and there are people going through similar things in their life. You can help each other out by listening to one another’s stories and supporting each other in difficult times. This is a great way to talk about your feelings while staying anonymous. You also will get to see people on their own journey and see how they got to a better place and they can help you find your way there too. 

  • Listening to Podcasts

I know you can’t talk to people all the time but you can listen. When at work, on the bus or ever on a morning walk, you can listen to people tell their stories or listen to positive thoughts. You can also listen to some meditation podcasts to calm nerves when you feel like you are a bit more stressed.

  • Reading Blogs

Reading blogs helps you understand others and connect to their stories. You can use them as inspiration to overcome any challenges you are facing. Reading about other experiences can give you the right amount of motivation and show you that it is never to too late

  • Read Quotes

Positive quotes help bring exactly the right amount of positivity you need to start your day. When feeling low, find a quote that makes you feel empowered and remind yourself how strong you are and how you can get over anything. 

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