When you sign up to Inner Psych you become a member of our community and we are always here for our tribe. This is why we have uniquely designed new approaches to always be there for you no matter where you are…

Inner Tribe

Inner Tribe gives you access to build connections with other people who may be experiencing similar circumstances as you. It is a 24/7, anonymous service where you can build a network with others and strengthen your support system. By hearing others stories you are empowered to share your own experiences and understand that you are not alone.

Inner Thoughts

It gives you access to a 24/7 Service enabling you to have constant support in the community while being anonymous. Making it easier for you to share how you are feeling. This system is available to all our users and we encourage you to use this network and build your support system. It will allow you to bond with people going through similar circumstances as you and make you understand you are not alone.

Inner Quote

A quote a day keeps the anxiety away. Receive a quote notification giving you the positive start you need to win your day. These quotes are tailored to your preferences so that you receive themes that you care about at the time you want. This is part of our strategy to help you embrace the positivity within you and live your best life.

Inner Stories

Inner Psych encourages individuals to share their stories and let us post your progress. This way you can get inspiration from other people’s journeys and be motivated to tackle challenges you are facing in your personal lives. We post these blogs anonymously and they are written to help bring the community together and make you feel supported. You can post blogs or simply just read ones left by other members of the community.

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