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Sermin Baycan

Social Worker


  • Masters of Health Administration
  • Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Social Worker
  • Bachelor of Arts

Member | Affiliations | Registrations:

  • Australian Association of Social Workers

AASW Registration Number

  • 431287

About Sermin Baycan

Sermin is a therapist/ mental health practitioner with a broad repertoire of knowledge and skills in the area of mental health. Sermin has been working as a therapist / mental health practitioner for over 30 years and has thorough knowledge of her field.
She is an Adult, Adolescent and Child Medicare Registered Provider and rebates her fees for consultations. Her comprehensive experience as a therapist has meant that her patients receive high quality care and service with positive outcomes of an increased sense of wellbeing and improved quality of life. Sermin is bilingual and speaks Turkish fluently. Although she works competently and effectively with Adult patients, her training in Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy also offers therapeutic services to children, adolescents, parents and extended family members. Sermin provides cognitive and behavioural therapy, psychodynamic and family therapy approaches to working with children, adolescents, families and parents.

Sermin understands the broader implications that mental illness has and the impact on friends, family, work and education can have.

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