Telehealth for Parenting Issues

Telehealth for Parenting Issues

Parenting is one of the most important aspects of one’s life as they shape adults for the future. What happens in one’s childhood stays with the children all their life which is what makes parenting issues tricky and important to resolve.



 Types of Problems Parents 

  • Disobedience - All children usually go through the phase where they stop obeying their parents. The most common reaction to such behaviour, is punishing them. However, the majority of the time these backlashes result in the children rebelling even more because they feel held back from expressing themselves and their opinions. Such problems seem to increase as a child nears one’s puberty. 
  • Lying - As children get more exposure in their teenage years there is a high chance of them starting to lie leading to problems between parents and the teenager. Children feel the need to lie because they don’t feel comfortable sharing personal details of their life with their parents. This makes it important for the parents to always be supportive of their child’s choices and opinions as long as it is not harming them. 
  • Tantrums - Children learn to throw tantrums quite early in their lives. There is no reasoning for them, they simply want what they want. It is important for the parents to keep their calm and not instantly give in to these tantrums in order to teach them to be patient. 
  • Problems Between Parents and Teenagers  - In these years teenagers typically struggle with their identity. They are seeing changes in their body and changes in their friend circles with social pressures as well as academic ones. It is the responsibility of parents to help the child navigate through these years. In cases where the teenager is exhibiting typical teenager behaviour, it is recommended that they see a psychiatrist or a mental health professional to avoid any mental health issues in the future.
  • Lacking Confidence- Making new friends and finding yourself can get daunting as a child. If you, as parents, notice that your child is lacking in confidence it is important for you to nudge them to make new friends and reassure them that it's good to voice their thoughts and opinions. As scary as it might be to put one’s self out there, the parents need to show the child that they have always got their child’s back. 
  • Improper Eating Habits - Children always seem to have a problem with good food habits, but they tend to look up to their parents as role models and if they see their parents eating healthy and taking care of their body from a younger age they are more likely to be adaptive of that culture.
  • Sibling Rivalry - This is a very common trait amongst siblings however if the fights are getting violent and they show a strong dislike for each other the best way to deal with the situation is calm both of them down and provide a solution instead of showing preference to any one of them and scolding the other one. The latter would create more rivalry between the two, so it is of utmost importance to show equality.


Symptoms for Children Needing Help

  • Frequent tantrums 
  • Short temper for insignificant reasons
  • Keeping in their room most of the time 
  • Frequent mood swings 
  • Distaste for a healthy lifestyle 
  • Not having the right priorities 


Symptoms for Parents Needing Help

  • Unable to connect with their children 
  • Difficult to communicate with the children 
  • Difficulty in managing work-life balance 



When it comes to parenting issues it is recommended that the parents as well the children use psychological counselling. Problems between children and parents are usually caused due to miscommunication between both parties and should be resolved for a healthier environment at home. 

When it is difficult for the members of the family to communicate with each other an experienced psychologist can help navigate through the problems and help all parties to understand and learn where each one is coming from. With these types of problems, talk therapy is the most appropriate treatment to go ahead with. 


Innerpsych is a telehealth clinic providing its services to all parts of Australia. We have experienced registered as well as clinical psychologists to help you deal with problems such as parenting issues. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you feel that you require some external help to settle problems at home. Our online counselling services help us see and understand the environment at home better and makes it convenient for you and your family to attend therapy.

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