Telehealth for Anger Management

Telehealth for Anger Management

Feeling anger is completely normal and one of the most normal human behaviour characteristics. It is important to understand that feeling anger is completely okay, it is our response towards and how we express our anger that can result in unwanted conflict. Anger is a natural emotion we have all felt. Anger can also be a good thing as it allows us to express our negative thoughts. The feeling of anger can range from feeling annoyed to feeling intense range. This emotion is known for making our heart rate increase and causing our blood pressure to rise.  When anger is expressed in an abusive, violent or any other negative manner, it becomes a problem. It is crucial that instead of trying to suppress anger, we should learn how to manage it in a way that allows us to acknowledge the feeling while not causing any form of harm to us or those around us. 

Types of Anger

  • Passive aggression is when an individual doesn't like confrontation and often just becomes silent. This leads to procrastination and pretending “everything is fine”. 
  • Open aggression would describe short-tempered people who tend to lash out in anger. People with this anger issue most of the time end up hurting either themselves or others. 
  • Assertive anger is the most calm and composed type of anger wherein the individual is controlled and confident in dealing with the situation. 


Signs of Anger Issues

Questions you can ask yourself:

  • Have I ever lost control of my anger to the point where I became violent or abusive? 
  • Do I sometimes have difficulty controlling my anger?
  • Have I ever become angry and then regretted it later?
  • Has anyone ever told me that I may have anger issues or commented on my anger?


If you feel like you have answered “Yes” to one or more of the questions above, you could be experiencing anger very strongly and may need to understand how to manage your anger in a healthier manner.


You can try to gain control over your anger by recognising physical signs such as:

  • Your muscles may tighten up especially around the jaw or around your arms
  • Your face feels flushed
  • You feel there is pressure building inside your head, like your head, might explode
  • Your heart rate increases
  • You feel your breath getting heavier and may also begin to sweat


Causes of Anger Issues

The causes of anger issues differ from person to person depending on their triggers. There are multiple internal and external factors that could lead to an individual getting angry. How to handle anger in an assertive manner can be learned by psychologist counselling.  



Anger management therapy can greatly help an individual improve relationships with themselves as well as others. A person who is short-tempered might not realize it themselves and would need assistance in expressing their anger in a constructive manner. Seeing a therapist can help them understand their state of mind better and enhance one’s lifestyle and relationships with others. 



Anger management counselling assists in different ways to help with anger issues. This may include various constructive ways to channel anger appropriately without hurting someone's feelings as well as getting their point across. 


Here are Some Recommendations to Help You to Control Your Anger

  • Learn to collect your thoughts before speaking up. In anger, people end up saying things they don’t mean and hurting the opposite person in the process. This can be avoided by just being more mindful of the words you say. 
  • Exercising regularly is proven to reduce stress levels. Every time your temper is getting out of control you can take go for a run to help calm your nerves. 
  • Use humor to reduce tension. Lightening up the mood will help take the edge out of the anger without ruining any relationships. While using humor be mindful not to be sarcastic as that could hurt someone’s feelings. 
  • Seek help if needed. There is absolutely no shame in wanting to get better and grow as a person. Seeing a psychologist will help manage your anger better. 

At Inner Psych, we are committed to showing you a better way to handle anger issues with a team of psychologists and other mental health professionals ready to take up the challenge. We provide online counselling pan Australia to ensure coverage. Reach out today if you think you require help with anger management. 

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