Why a mental health assessment is so important?

Oct 19, 2021

Why a mental health assessment is so important?

Have you ever asked yourself  - "Why, even with all this research, can I still not improve my mental health"? When we encounter emotional distress or psychological problems, we often look for answers in the vast amount of content on the internet. However, the more content we read, the easier it is to realise that mental health is complex and recognising a single condition and solution is not straightforward.

This process can involve all sorts of confusion, making us more stressed. In this way, a mental health assessment is essential for us to figure out what is wrong with us. Because the most crucial step in solving a problem is to be aware of its existence. But self-awareness is not an easy task. There are two blind spots, called the cognitive and emotional blind spots, which obscure our perceptions of ourselves. The purpose of a Mental Health Assessment is to work with an unbiased professional to create a clear picture of ourselves.

The mental health assessment is somewhat similar to a medical check-up, or a physical test before a workout. It allows us to recognise the psychological symptoms that we may not have the knowledge to recognise. Beyond just recognising symptoms, a mental health assessment can be used to identify what further help you may require and recommend you to a specialist, just how your GP after doing a medical check up may refer you to someone else. 

According to your needs, Inner Psych Canberra can conduct a mental health assessment. It includes a personal online service to evaluate your mental health condition taking a holistic approach that may consider symptoms, diet, sleep, previous diagnosis, and cognitive and behavioural patterns. After the professionals in Inner Psych Canberra get a comprehensive understanding of your overall mental health state, they will suggest a suitable mental health service package, which may include recommendation of psychology-related books and participation in ongoing psychological sessions.



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